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In 2019, PIB will launch two Erasmus+ projects


VEA as a member of EUROPEA International is building a new experience and from 2019 starting to engage in Erasmus+ projects. Erasmus+ projects are implemented by VEA members – vocation education institutions as it is a unique opportunity not only to gain immeasurable professional experience, but also to travel the world, explore the cultures of other countries and build a wide range of partners and friends.

From 1st October 2019 till 30th September 2021 VEA as a partner will launch in Erasmus+ project “Industrial Internet of Things VET Network”. The project aims to create a VET Network with certification scheme for professionals, being IIoT developers or users or sales workers, and training them to adapt and adopt a new common framework of best practices of the modern IIoT know-how in order to be able to combine effectively knowledge and fundamental principles from various areas of expertise of cutting edge technologies in the IIoT sector and gain a competitive advantage in their carrier path.


There are nine project partners from six EU countries who are involved in implementation of the project:

  1. Institute for Training of Personnel in International Organisations – Bulgaria
  2. Vocational Education Association (PBI) - Latvia
  3. Tiber Umbria Comett Education Programme – Italy
  4. Halsingland Education Association – Sweden
  5. Anonimi Ekpaideftiki Etairia – Greece
  6. Institute for Postgraduate Studies – Bulgaria
  7. Research Innovation and Development Lab P.C. – Greece
  8. Dimitra Ekpaiditiki Simvilitiki AE – Greece
  9. Center for Social Innovation - Cyprus


In turn, the Erasmus + project “Baltic Examples of Excellence in WBL: Tutors, Companies, Networks” (ExcellWBL) is coordinated by the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and has three main objectives:

- to identify and collect examples and experiences of outstanding workplace tutors, motivated companies, effective cooperation mechanisms;

- to boost the reputation and attractiveness of work-based learning (WBL) through praising,

awarding, advertising persons, organizations and approaches which can serve as role models;

- to produce material of examples which can be used in training WBL tutors from companies and VET schools and in training of VET managers;

- to promote partnerships between VET schools and enterprises in the Baltic Sea region.


The project implementation period is from October 1, 2019 to September 31, 2021, and the project partners are:Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Latvia

  1. “Baltic Bright” , Ltd.- Latvia
  2. Vocation Education Asociation - Latvia
  3. Vorumaa Kutsehariduskeskus - Estonia
  4. Viesoji Istaiga Vilniaus Statybininku rengimo centras - Lithuania
  5. Hanse-Parlament EV - Germany.



Let us succeed in achieving all the goals of the Erasmus + project together!

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